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Air / Rail Tickets…Customised Package Tours : Domestic & International….Reservation of Accommodation… Passport, Visa, Permits…Ground Transportation…Durga Puja….Sundarbans….Tajpur…Nepal…Sikkim…North East( 7 Sisters ) …Rajasthan..Kashmir…Kerala…Andamans….HP & Others.

About Us

Tour Packages: We have general packages designed to expose to the visitors, besides the scenic beauties of the place, social customs and cultural heritage of local people as well as the events / affairs of historical importance of the place of visit. Besides these, we furnish all tour related information and assist them in preparing their tour itineraries.

Programme of your choice: For different reasons standard tour packages may not be quite suitable for some individuals. Depending upon specific requirement of individual customers we prepare their travel itineraries so that they can make best utilization of their time and money. We provide our customers with latest information on hotels, restaurants, attractions and events of importance in the proposed places of visit and help them planning a trip of their own.

Reservation of accommodation: For catering to the need of customers we arrange for reservation of accommodation in different categories of hotels. These apart, we reserve accommodation in Bungalows/ Rest Houses of Forest Department and Tourism Department of different Governments.

Journey tickets: Being authorized booking agents we book bus, rail and air tickets for our customers.

Theme Tours: We occasionally organize Theme based and event based programmes which are seldom available with other tour operators. Amongst such programmes traditional family Durga Puja like ‘UTSAB’ within Kolkata, ‘NANDINI’ outside Kolkata, ‘BISARJAN’- view of emersion of Goddess Durga on board a vessel, ‘Sarul’ Festival at Ghatsila , ‘Losar’ Festival at Pelling etc. are important. It is important to note that we are the pioneers in organizing such theme based/ event based programmes.

ELEGANT TOURS is a “one window service unit” for any of your tour related issue. Whatever may be your next travel destination call ELEGANT TOURS for a hassle free travel arrangement and later travel elegantly. ELEGANT TOURS will arrange everything that you may need - your journey tickets, accommodation, transport and, also, your itinerary so that you may have the best utilization of your time and money.

Our Services

Customised Tour Plan :
According to your need and preference, Both Luxury & Standard.

International :
Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Entire Middle East, African Jungle Safari, Europe & USA.

Domestic :
Specilaised agent for North ( Darjeeling ) & South Bengal , Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Entire North East India ( 7 Sisters ), Andaman’s, HP, MP, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Karnataka, AP, Gujarat.

Air & Railway Ticket.
Hotel Accommodations
Ground Transportations:
Local & Outside.
Pass Port, Visa & Permits.
Durga Puja