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16. Japanese Buddhist Temple:

Japanese Buddhist Temple is the buddhist temple where the monks worship in japanese language. They chant in japanese to the drum beats during dawn and dusk both. People can even enter the temple while the monks are offering prayers. There is a huge pillar outside in an open verandah in front of the main temple building that has a peace message in Japanese language engraved on it. There is also a pair of Komainu that are known as the pair of lions which symbolizes the guardians of faith.

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17. Bandel church:

Location: Bandel, 43 kms from Kolkata, West Bengal
With a long list of miracles attached with this church, it would have been more appropriate if it was called “A God’s Blessing”. Such is the divinity of the Bandel Church in the Hooghly District of West Bengal. Standing as the memoir of the Portuguese settlement in Bengal, it is one of the oldest Christian churches of the state. The present structure of the church was built in the year 1660 by Gomez de Soto and it still has the keystone of the old building with the date of 1599.
The Bandel Church is one of the most attractive and prestigious churches of India. An arched gateway welcomes you as you enter the church on the banks of the Hooghly River. The church has three altars, several tomb stones, a small organ and a shrine of Mother Mary. A mast, which was presented by the captain of the ship which was saved by the blessings of Mary, stands proudly in front of the church and is one of major attractions here.
According to a popular belief, the wishes of every disciple who comes to this church are fulfilled by Mother Mary. The Bandel Church is visited by lakhs of visitors from all around the world. The magnificent beauty of this church is something best seen with your own eyes!

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