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11. Saint Pauls Cathedral:

Location: southern end of the Maidan
Period of construction: 1839-1847
Dedicated to: St. Paul

Calcutta St. Paul's Cathedral is the first Episcopal Church of the Orient. Bishop Wilson patronized the construction of this beautiful church in 1839. The credit for the awesome designing of this Indo-Gothic architecture goes to Major W.N. Forbes. The work of establishing the St. Paul Cathedral of Kolkata, India got completed in 1847. It is situated at the southern end of the Maidan. Read on to know more about the Saint Pauls Cathedral…
The church got destroyed due to the earthquake of 1897 and then it was renovated. But, the earthquake of 1934 led to the collapse of the tower and eventually it was rebuilt on the lines of the Bell Harry Tower of Canterbury Cathedral. It is 247 ft. in length and 81 ft. in width. The main hall of the cathedral is very large containing splendid carved wooden pews and chairs. Its eastern walls are covered with the mind-blowing colorful artwork.
The church is located within huge grounds, where you can also find a meditation point that has been set up in the recent times in collaboration with distinguished citizens of Tagore's Shantiniketan. The beautiful pictures describe the life and works of Saint Paul. The atmosphere of this cathedral is very tranquil. The architecture and the interim of the Saint Paul Cathedral is truly a feast for eyes.

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12. Nakhoda Mosque:

Location: in Jacquaria Street, near the junction of Chitpore Road and Mahatma Gandhi Road
Year of Establishment: 1926
Calcutta Nakhoda Mosque is the largest mosque within the city. It can capacitate about 10,000 persons. Located in Jacquaria Street, near the junction of Chitpore Road and Mahatma Gandhi Road, its foundation was laid by Abdar Rahim Osman, a resident of Cutch, in the year 1926. Nakhoda mosque is constructed on the lines of Akbar's tomb in Sikandra. Read to know more about the Nakhoda masjid of Kolkata, India.
During the Muslim festivities, it is decorated beautifully. Its architecture represents the Indo-Saracenic designing. This magnificent mosque contains a spacious prayer hall, a dome and two minarets. Inside the mosque, an exhibition takes place, which displays extraordinary artistic extravaganza & ornamentation. On all days, except for Sunday, you can buy attar (a perfume made from essential oils and fragrance of flowers) from outside the mosque.

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13. St Andrews Church:

Built way back in the 18th century, St Andrews Church still stands tall with its imposing architecture and interesting historical tales. Even though its construction started as early as 1815, it took a while before it finally got opened to public on 8th March, 1818. Its foundation stone was led by Marquis of Hastings in the presence of Countess of Loudon and Countess of Moira. The elegant white building of the church has lavish interiors with stained glass windows, artistically carved pews and chairs and it mesmerises each person it welcomes to its warm embrace.

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14. Buddhist Pagoda:

The Buddhist Pagoda is more than a 150 year old architecture that was brought from Burma itself. The pagoda has its typical architecture which looks out of place in the city of joy, standing serenly behind the more famous Eden garden stadium. It attracts a few buddhist locals and some wandering tourists in the are.

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15. Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth:

The Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth is an Armenian Apostolic church. Built by Agha Nazar in 1724, the church was of utmost importance for the first Armenians who settled in India to preserve their religion. The inside is beautifully decorated with marble, The altar is decorated with three paintings by English artist AE Harris, "Holy Trinity", "Last Supper" and "The Enshrouding of Our Lord". A gallery section is also present to showcases inset frescoes and paintings.

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